We bring great food to your everyday table. Our aim is to cook without compromise and approach our ingredients with respect and humility. Whether you enjoy at our bistro or take it home in a box, we treat it with the same care.

bistro & COCktaIl bar IN Karlín

The latest addition to our family. Spacious design interior, the best grilled chickens, fancy signature drinks and a great large garden. Every day exept Sunday, just a short walk from the metro to Sokolovská.       

Mo—Sat 11:30—15 /16—23                                          
Sun 10—19 BRUNCH                                                                    Sokolovská 79
186 00, Praha 8                                                                           +420 722 908 786


KRO is a small casual bistro in the heart of Vinohrady neighbourhood. We are very serious about grilled chicken but get equally excited about vegetarian dishes, our signatures or weekend specials.

Mon—Sun 11—22
(break: Sat—Sun 16—16:30)
Vinohradská 66
nám. Jiřího z Poděbrad
130 00, Praha 3
+420 721 030 017

coffee and bakery

The latest addition to our family, right next to the bistro on Vinohradská. Carefully prepared coffee from European and Czech third wave roasters, pastries from Krobakery and tasty bits from breakfast to dinner.

Mon—Fri 8—18 
Sat—Sun 9—17
Vinohradská 64
nám. Jiřího z Poděbrad
130 00, Praha 3                                                                          
+420 601 262 636                                     


Coming from different parts of gastronomy and beyond, each and every one of us pushes Kro a little further. Sometimes the small space we have is not enough for all the ideas!